American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set Review

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set

American Tourister is a good brand of luggage. If you are a casual traveler looking for a very nice set of luggage, the AT Luggage Fieldbrook II is the product to consider. It is economical and functional. For the price ($60-$80), the 4 piece luggage set might not be the greatest quality. However, for people who do not want to spend a lot, it can be a great choice.

The inexpensive luggage set is made of polyester, a material that is resistant to abrasion. When it comes to soft-sided cases, polyester is the cheapest of the material option. Nylon is considered a stronger material than polyester. It is also more stretchable. However, polyester has the edge. It holds color well. Polyester is more hydrophobic than nylon. It takes faster to dry than nylon does.

Leather is still a favorite for long life. The disadvantage is it is heavy. Both nylon and polyester are lightweight. But even though polyester is less durable, it is less expensive. So many people have reported that this 4 Piece Set a great value for the money. Coming with reinforced corners and multiple pockets, it is attractive, functional, and reasonably priced.

The American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II is available in 6 color options (purple, black, red, foliage green, royal blue, and wood violet). The black one the cheapest. There are some complaints about colors. Reportedly, the purple is darker than shown. It is more of a deep plum color. However, this is not a big issue for the majority.

This luggage set includes 4 pieces: large suitcase, smaller suitcase, duffle and a small over the shoulder bag. Reviewers have found that all but the largest are carry on size for air travel. A few complaints have been made about their sizes. Reportedly, they are on the small side. The largest is more of a medium size. You will likely buy additional luggage when you do a family vacation.

The two suitcases have two wheels on the back bottom. Customer feedback suggests that they roll very smooth. The largest one is expandable. The over the shoulder bag is ideal for personal items. The duffle bag has wheels which is amazing. However, it is not equipped with a rolling handle. Furthermore, there is no shoulder strap to carry. In terms of storage, this luggage set is easy to store, as all the smaller pieces fit inside the larger one.

As mentioned before, this is a lightweight luggage set so staying under the weight limit will not be a challenge. In terms of durability, you will find that there are mixed reviews about this product. If you are a frequent traveler looking for luggage that will last a lifetime, consider investing in another product, which is similar in terms of functionality. But for occasional travelers who do not need a set that can withstand all the rigors of multiple transfers and airline handling, it is worth considering. Some travelers prefer variety to quality and nothing wrong with it.

The American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II is available on Amazon. Click here to purchase the 4 piece set. The AT Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set can be purchased here. It does not include the duffel bag and only comes in two colors; red and black. For the 2-piece version, click here.