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Samsonite Aspire Xlite 25 Review – Need A Lightweight Spinner For Your Next Trip?

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25

Among other choices available out there, this expandable spinner can be a good solution for those who need to get a good-sized piece of luggage for international travel. The quality seems great. It is what you would expect from Samsonite. The luggage can be a good companion to your 21″ carry on. This review is written to help you decide whether buying this product is the right move for you.

Before anything else, this Samsonite 25″ suitcase is made of polyester, which is a type of synthetic fabric used to manufacture such things as outdoor bean bag chairs and carpets. Every material, whether nylon or polyester has uniquely superior attributes. Though nylon is considered to be superior to polyester in fabric quality, polyester holds color longer. It is also more hydrophobic than nylon.

Measuring 9″ high and 16.3″ wide, this 25″ Samsonite bag will easily pack a weeks worth of clothes and toiletries. The expandable feature is for you who tend to over pack. It will not fit in a carry on space. This bag is definitely a checked bag. The smaller 20″ version that measures 9″ high and 13.5″ wide will work as a carry on. It would meet the size restrictions that airlines have placed. That said, if you need a medium sized luggage that offers plenty of space, then this 25″ model should suit you.

The Samsonite Aspire Xlite comes in different colors (Black, Blue, Blue Dream, Jet Black, Potent Purple, Red, Red/Black, Volt). Just choose the one that would be best for you. The red and the bright green color will be easy to spot on the baggage carousel at the airport. Having a luggage that stands out from the crowd can speed up the wait at baggage claim.

This soft-sided luggage comes equipped with four wheels that swivel 360 degrees. People have found that it is convenient to roll and maneuver. The design will reduce unwanted weight on your arm or shoulder. With four multi-directional spinner wheels underneath, you can easily push or pull it when traveling from place to place. You can roll it along with a small carry on bag on top.

Another thing you will appreciate about the 25″ spinner is its expandable feature. You never know when you need more carrying space to stuff more things. Even better, there are plenty of additional pockets to keep the contents of your luggage organized. The interior compartments, that include a “WetPak” pocket can be useful for separating clothes or accessories while the large front-panel pocket would be suitable for last minute items. The cross straps will help secure your belongings. There are no shoe pockets on the sides.

Other features of the Samsonite Aspire suitcase include a retractable handle and side carry-handles. TSA locks are not included. At 9.5 lbs, the suitcase is so light weight, perfect for you who do not want the extra large size which can be too heavy to lift. Of course, depending on your plan, if what you want is one suitcase for long trips, this probably is not the right bag for you. Consider to get the 29″ model which can be a great option for cruising. The smaller model fits in the 29″ for compact storage

The 25″ affordable spinner luggage, as of this writing, has been rated between 4.2 out of 5 stars by Amazon’s customers. It is clear what users think of this product. Many people have been impressed with its sturdy construction. Thanks to the steel wire construction. The fabric is tough. It has full interior lining. Most have no issue with wheels or zippers. Not only reliable, it is also very nice to look at. People have commented that it does not tip over easily.

This 25′” AspireXlite bag may or may not be the right product for you. However, if you are in the market for a a strong but light suitcase for your upcoming trip, then it deserves serious consideration. It may not have the same feel of luxury as much more expensive products out there. That said, customer feedback suggests that it is a great suitcase for the price, as expected with Samsonite.

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set Review

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set

For those who find it difficult to get an inexpensive but durable luggage set, the Samsonite Winfield 2 HS can be a good choice. Samsonite has a fantastic reputation for producing quality travel luggages and this product holds up to that. Lots of people have found this to be one of the best value hardshell suitcases on the market.

This set comes with three pieces of luggage, perfect to pick and choose for any trip. The 20″ case is the smallest piece. It measures 9.5″ high x 13.5″ wide, small enough to work as a carry-on. At 6.4 lbs, it is not the lightest but it is very far from heavy. There is no extra handle on the side of the suitcase. However, it is still a good item for occasional travelers who pack light. There are two separate compartments inside to keep clothes organized.

Dimensions for the 24″ case are 11″ high x 16.5″ wide. This full size suitcase is perfect for international travel. It can expand to meet your additional packing needs. The bag also has a divider that makes it easier to separate clothes. It is too big for carry on but if you need a lightweight luggage that offers plenty of room for a three night stay, then this medium sized suitcase is for you.

The largest 28″ spinning suitcase is ideal for long trips where you need to pack a lot of stuff. It also expands for bigger room. When it comes to body dimensions, this unit measures 28.0″ x 19.75″ x 12.5″. It weighs about 11 lbs. Based on the customer feedback, the big hard sided luggage is still within the size restrictions for most US airlines as a checked baggage.

When it comes to materials, the bags are made of lightweight polycarbonate that make them far lighter than traditional luggages in comparable sizes. Polycarbonate is a more durable material than ABS. It has many of the same characteristics as aluminum. To make it better, the Winfield 2 Fashion HS comes with a 10 year limited warranty from Samsonite.

All three nest together for easy storage. The package includes slip covers for protection when stored. Another great thing about this luggage set is the built in locks. The locking system is TSA approved. The handles have multiple locking positions. The fact that the bags come equipped with 360 degree spinner wheels has also pleased many reviewers.

The Samsonite 3-piece luggage set has received many positive reviews from its customers at Amazon.com. It currently has a strong 4.6/5 star rating. Not everything about this product is positive. A common complaint about these cases is that they tend to scratch easily. That being said, reviewers have found that they do the job very well.

While such feedback might be concerning, most of the customer reviews have been very encouraging. The material is strong and light a the same time. Furthermore, the feedback suggests that the bags are very easy to maneuver. The spinner wheels work very well. The locks and the zippers also seem durable.

The Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 is a nice looking luggage set. The bags have an expensive look. Three color options are available: charcoal, orange, and purple. If you need hard-sided, four-wheeling suitcases that are great looking, durable and lightweight, then this is the right product for you.

Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set Review

Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

When talking about travel bags, the name Samsonite cannot be left out. Samsonite is one of the top brands in the U.S. For those who want a trusted brand luggage on tight budget, this 5 soft sided pieces of luggage is one to consider. Nothing fancy but if you are not searching for luxury then this economical set of luggage may be the right choice for you.

The Samsonite set consists of five essential pieces: a 26″ upright, a 22″ upright, a duffel bag, a travel tote, and a toiletry kit. Basically, there are different bags for different travel needs. The 26 wheeled packing case is the perfect size for checking in. It is expandable for accommodating extra items acquired during your travels. The handle on the bottom makes lifting into the car trunk a snap.

The 22″ case is a carry on. It does not have the expandable feature. Not designed for heavy hauling, the small roller is not too spacious. That being said, the 22″ upright will be large enough for short weekend trips. It is the right size for overhead luggage compartment on planes. The add-on straps on the 22 and 26″ roller suitcases make it easier to pull both pieces at the same time.

The duffel bag is an adequate size for overnight trips. It has no wheels. However, equipped with side pockets and a front pocket, the small duffel is multi-purpose and has a lot of uses. The travel tote is ideal for small items. It can double as a large bathroom bag. The toiletry bag is more like a small duffel. There is no shoulder strap to carry it.

All the pieces nest inside the large luggage for easy storage at home. The Samsonite set also comes with small locks. However, customer reviews indicate that the locks that come with the luggage are not good quality. When it comes to materials, it seems that many reviewers have been pleased with the quality of the soft-sided fabric of the luggage. The exterior is made of a 1200 denier polyester.

The 22″ and 26 cases are not a spinner. They use in-line skate design. The two wheels do not swivel. However, spinner wheels and in-line fixed both have its own advantages and disadvantages. While spinner wheels are easier to maneuver, two wheels use in-line skate design offer better realibility.

The luggage set is not the greatest quality. Priced under $150, it is not built to last for years. That being said, it looks stylish in a conservative sense. There are seven color options: black, red, teal blue, purple, sapphire, charcoal, and navy. The EVA foam front panel lends a clean and tailored appearance to the luggage set.

The 5 pc nested luggage set has received a lot of customer feedback at Amazon.com. Most of the reviews are positive. However, a number of negative views have also been voiced by the customers.

The most concerning complaints have been made by a number of reviewers in regard to the extendable handles on the two bigger pieces. Some customers have reported that the handles broke on the first use.

Further complaints have been made about the zippers on the two largest suitcases. Many customers had experienced broken or stuck zippers.

Finally, negative feedback has also been voiced by some customers in regard to the foot stand on the large suitcase. The quality seems lower than what they expected.

The low priced luggage set does not seem to be sturdy enough for routine travel. Some people have argued that it is below the expected quality of a Samsonite product.

Despite such negative feedback, most of the customer reviews have been encouraging. If you are a frequent traveler who have to deal with wear and tear of luggage then you might want to consider investing in an alternative product featured on this website. However, for light travelers, the Samsonite soft sided luggage set is still worth considering.